Since 1975, SERVO EXPORT HOUSE LIMITED, (SEHL) has scrambled all the steps of achievement steadily by enduring turmoil at many situations.

SEHL is committed to using its expert familiarity and skill for the wellbeing of the worldwide oil extraction industry. Servo has been resolving all the serious manufacturing troubles by ruling price efficient keys shared among manufacturing brilliance.

manufactures and exports high quality spares for various oil seed crushing/extracting, rendering, pet-food, shredding equipments manufactured by companies of repute like Stork Rendering, keith, Anderson, French, Giso, , Masiero, Krupps, Mecanique Moderne, Olier, Miag, Reinartz, Rosedowns/DeSmet, Sket, Skoda, MBL, K.H, Kumar, Alfa and various other well known brands.

For the flawless functioning and extended service life of servo spares, we use high quality alloy and non alloy steels procured from international and domestic markets.

SEHL'S R&D facility has the capability to design and develop prototypes and to custom manufacture products to meet specific needs of our world-wide clients.

hard facing welding electrodes manufactured in technical collaboration with USA, for the first time in India, yield profit manifolds as compared to other hard facing electrodes.

Timely deliverance agenda, advanced worth, secure wrapping and spirited costs and on top of all finest support is all the real meaning of business for us.

The trail orders by the clients shall establish the genuineness of what we claim. Servo would be pleased and eager to meet up with the client anytime, anyplace to discover the dealing budding.

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